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  • ISBN0442246765

Handbook of experimental pollination biology

Eds.: Jones E.C., Little R.J.New York:  1983. 558 pp.
The origins of this book were in the Symposium on Experimental Pollination Biology held on 25 October, 1980, at California State University, USA. The topics discussed there provide material for several detailed chapters, but many additional topics have also been extensively covered; the result is a comprehensive textbook that will be of use to professional ecologists, entomologists, botanists, and crop scientists. Current methodologies and experimental approaches are described in detail. The 8 sections cover: floral cues and animal behaviour; chemical and physical aspects of pollination; pollinator energetics; competition and pollination; gene flow and pollination; temperate and tropical phenological studies; systems ecology in pollination biology; applied pollination ecology. There is a short subject index. The 26 chapters are all directly relevant, or of interest, to bee research, and are thus abstracted separately in Apicultural Abstracts.

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