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Food selection and utilization in a danid butterfly
Oecologia, . V. 18. No. 1. P. 5562 (8).
Larvae of the danid butterfly Danaus chrysippus, fed on the milkweeds Calotropis gigantea and Asclepias curassavica grew successfully during the 9-day feeding period and pupated. In the presence of these milkweeds, the larvae preferred to feed on C. gigantea. Their preference was more pronounced during the final 2 instars than during the initial 3 instars. They consumed 605 mg, defecated 308 mg, and converted 115 mg of C. gigantea; those receiving A. curassavica consumed 563 mg, defecated 287 mg and converted 85 mg. They assimilated either food with equal efficiency (♀♀: 46%; ♂♂: 50%). But they differed significantly in their efficiency in converting the assimilated food. The presence of a greater amount of latex in C. gigantea than in A. curassavica and/or the nutritional inadequacy of the latter food may perhaps be the reason(s) for the preference of C. gigantea by D. chrysippus larvae over A. curassavica.