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Pollination and seed dispersal by lizards: a review
Revista Chilena de Historia Natural, . V. 77. No. 3. P. 569577 (9).
This paper reviews the ecological literature published during the last 15 years on pollination and seed dispersal by lizards, in order to determine the possible effects of these animals on plant reproduction. This review is only limited to these years because articles on plant-lizard interactions during this period have used more rigorous experimental approaches than those made previously. All compiled data were analyzed considering the conceptual framework provided by the quantity and quality components of pollination and seed dispersal (i.e., effectiveness), since this information is essential to have an idea of the relative contribution of animals to plant fitness. Results showed that 34 species of lizards feed on nectar and fruits of plants. While lizards consume these plant materials, they could effectively pollinate flowers or disperse seeds to sites away from parent plants. However, more studies on particular aspects of these interactions should be conducted in order to completely understand the ecological and evolutionary effects of lizards on plants