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Generalization versus specialization in plant pollination systemsGeneralization versus specialization in plant pollination systems
Johnson S.D.
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Steiner K.E.
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See official publication page.Trends in Ecology and Evolution
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, . V. 15. No. 4.
P. 140143 (4).
The long-standing notion that most angiosperm flowers are specialized for pollination by particular animal types, such as birds or bees, has been challenged recently on the basis of apparent widespread generalization in pollination systems. At the same time, biologists working mainly in the tropics and the species-rich temperate floras of the Southern hemisphere are documenting pollination systems that are remarkably specialized, often involving a single pollinator species. Current studies are aimed at understanding: (1) the ecological forces that have favoured either generalization or specialization in particular lineages and regions; (2) the implications for selection on floral traits and divergence of populations; and (3) the risk of collapse in plant–pollinator mutualisms of varying specificity.
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