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Studies with Liatris spicata Willd. 1. Effect of Temperature on Sprouting, Flowering and Gibberellin Content
Annals of Botany, . V. 52. No. 6. P. 849853 (5).
Dormancy was induced during storage of Liatris spicata corms grown in Israeli summer conditions, but plants left in soil continued vegetative growth. Corms of winter-grown plants sprouted freely. Treatment with GA3 restored both sprouting and flowering in summer-grown corms, but in winter corms GA2 was effective only after corms were stored at low temperature. All the plants flowered after 4 weeks at 2 °C and GA3 treatment.The content of gibberellins in the main bud of freshly excavated corms decreased during the first 18 d of storage but increased to the initial level after 4 months of cold storage. The number of flowering stems increased to 2.5 per corm when corms were cold-stored up to 75 d, but decreased with a longer storage.