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The Efficiency of Natural and Artificial Pollinators in Plantain (Musa spp. ABB Group) Hybridization and Seed Production
Annals of Botany, . V. 80. No. 5. P. 693695 (3).
Plantain-derived tetraploid hybrids are routinely crossed inMusabreeding programmes with diploidMusaaccessions for the efficient generation of putative triploid hybrid seed. However, natural open pollination of these same tetraploid hybrids also consistently generates viable seed. The mean germination rate of such open pollinated seed was observed to be higher than that of seed generated from artificial pollinations. This may suggest that tetraploidMusahybrids played a much more important role in the evolution of triploidMusalandraces than previously considered. Moreover, the elite performance of certain hybrids generated through such open pollination offers possibilities of newMusabreeding paradigms. The inferences of these observations forMusaevolution and the implications forMusabreeding are discussed.