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The effect of timing of pollination on the mating system and fitness of Kalmia latifolia (Ericaceae)The effect of timing of pollination on the mating system and fitness of Kalmia latifolia (Ericaceae)
Levri M.A.
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, . V. 85. No. 11.
P. 16261630 (5).
Plant mating systems are known to vary within species and some immediate ecological factors have been found to be associated with the geographic distribution of selfing. The environmental condition of the maternal plant may influence the production of selfed seed relative to outcrossed seed. This study investigated the effect of late pollination on the mating system of Kalmia latifolia, a long-lived perennial shrub. A 2 × 2 experimental design was used to determine whether reproductive success declines over the course of the flowering season and whether there was an interaction between pollination time (early vs. late in the season) and pollen type (self-fertilized vs. outcrossed). An interaction of this sort would indicate context-dependent fitness of selfed seeds compared to outcrossed seeds and, thus, show an ecological influence over a plant's mating system. Relative fitness was assessed in terms of female reproductive success. Timing of pollination did not affect abortion of outcrossed seeds; however, delay in pollination increased abortion of selfed seeds by 34.7%. Thus, it appears that plants selectively aborted selfed seeds rather than outcrossed seeds and this selection was more intense at the end of the season. An ecological factor such as time of pollination may affect the mating system of K. latifolia.
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