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Dynamics of forager arrivals and nectar renewal in flowers of Anchusa strigosaDynamics of forager arrivals and nectar renewal in flowers of Anchusa strigosa
Kadmon R.
Автор антэкологических публикаций

See official publication page.Oecologia
Журнал с антэкологическими публикациями.

, . V. 92. No. 4.
P. 552555 (4).
Long-tongued Anthophora spp. bees collecting nectar from flowers of Anchusa strigosa (Boraginaceae) exhibit systematic foraging. Successive forager arrivals at individual flowers are not independent, and the time elapsed between successive arrivals at a particular flower is distributed more uniformly than be expected on the basis of a random arrival process. Distributions of inter-arrival time for individual flowers show standard deviation/mean ratios of 0.44–0.79, a range which is consistent with results obtained for two other plant-pollinator systems. The rate at which nectar is renewed between successive forager arrivals is independent of the amount of nectar in the flower, and the renewal process is strongly linear. Practical and theoretical implications of these results are discussed.
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