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Habitat dependent pollination success in a cape orchidHabitat dependent pollination success in a cape orchid
Johnson S.D.
Автор антэкологических публикаций

Bond W.J.
Автор антэкологических публикаций

See official publication page.Oecologia
Журнал с антэкологическими публикациями.

, . V. 91. No. 3.
P. 455456 (2).
We examined the pollination success of Disa uniflora (Orchidaceae) in two habitats. Plants occurring in a rocky gorge were far more successful than plants occurring in an adjacent open valley. More than 55% of flowers in the gorge were pollinated and set fruit compared with less than 25% of flowers in the valley. These differences are explained by the preference of Meneris tulbaghia (Satyridae), the exclusive pollinator of the orchid, for rocky, sheltered habitats. Fruit set of hand-pollinated flowers did not differ significantly between the two habitats, indicating that resources did not account for the variation in fruiting success.
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